Current Reading

I’ve been reading fantasy for a long time.  My first attempt at THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING was at age 11, I got to page 80 or so.  Not much action to keep me engaged at that age.  I’ll try again some day.


I found a copy of MISTBORN on the library’s book exchange shelf and just couldn’t pass it up.  Surprisingly, the wife didn’t mind (I have too many books, as if there is such a thing).  I guess the price was right.

Stormlight (Series)

THE WAY OF KINGS is a fantastic book.  There are multiple plot lines, some only touched on, but most concern the central characters.  I like a story with multiple “heroes” or protagonists.  In a world inflicted by powerful storms, I got a sense of almost being underwater while on land.  The vegetation reacts to its environment, receding when it detects threats or storms, almost everywhere.  The characters are well portrayed and I am hard pressed to say that I like a certain one above others.  The political scene is a wrangled mess, as one would expect, with intrigues and dangers as powerful people move against and with one another.  Magic is invested in items and the rare person, not the spells and wizardry of classic fantasy.  Magic seems to be at a low point while still being fantastic and the story reveals that at one time it was glorious in the past.  I highly recommend this book.

I can’t wait for book 2.

On Writing

Stephen King’s book on how to write.  There are plenty of books on this topic, but King, being not only an author but a former english teacher, explains very well the tools you should have, the reality of your skills, and why less is more.  You have to know the rules and how to break them.  It starts with a brief autobiography that is fascinating by itself.

Still reading this one.

Time Life Enchanted World Series

I always wanted to get this series, even kept the subscription card for years (long after they went out of print) to remind myself that I needed to send it in.  Well, I found the entire series in a used book store and bought them up.  They’re quite well done, drawing from the original stories, myths and legends.  It’s quite revealing how they’ve changed down the years.  They’re full of little used, yet fascinating words.  They’re generally told in storyteller fashion as well as explanatory descriptions about what was going on in that day and age.  The formatting is, well…, not annoying, just different than where I would have added titles to sections, but I probably wouldn’t have suggestions that were much better.

There is probably a good 30 more books that I pick up at various times.


2 responses to “Current Reading

  1. I love “On Writing.” I often (mis)quote it fondly and it’s one of a handful of books on writing that I could read over and over.

    • Definitely a thoroughly enjoyable book. I’ve only read in once in it’s entiretly (while on the poolside in Spain, best place to read), but I often go back to it for (mis)clarifications.

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