I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose over the last several years.  (Forgive my ramblings, I’ve not much sleep this morning.)  I don’t believe any of us are “put” here for a reason.  While some may see this as a dreary view and render life as meaningless, I disagree.  I like (a) not having the pressure of fulfilling someone else’s purpose, (b) the fun of discovering life without a preconceived notion, (c) the ability to take a blank slate and create my own picture, and (d) the ability to choose what I want to do.  It’s not life without meaning, but the joyful, frustrating, painful search of discovery to define for myself meaning.

I often here people speak of events, then say it happened for a reason.  There is nothing wrong in learning something from a random event.  Sometimes when we are stuck, the smallest thing can happen and in some way “dislodge” our thoughts so they can flow freely again.  But understand, what happened didn’t happen for that reason.  When leaders lied to me in the Army, why were they lying?  To benefit themselves.  At no time did I assign higher meaning to these events.  It’s not to say I didn’t learn from them, I did.  What I learned was, if it’s important, they’re lying.  A rather caustic view, but one that will save me in the future.  Does that mean I disbelieve everything told to me, nope.  But when it’s important, like beliefs or when money is involved or something could impact me negatively, I proceed with caution.

Still think events happen to teach only you something?  Think of it this way, 9/11 didn’t happen so someone, or even thousands, could learn a lesson, it happened because of vehement hatred.  We all came away with new and profound thoughts and experiences that will influence us for the rest of our lives.  We all didn’t learn the same lesson.

Life is not without purpose, we give it purpose.


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