WEbook update

Well, I’ve been trying hard not to watch my ratings too closely, but I do monitor it at least once a day.  At the current rate, I will break the threshhold in about 2 years (unless they start to accelerate it at some point).

Submission 1 is up 2 rating to 9.  It’s at 22% and someone actually gave it a 5, but a rating of 3 is still dominate.

Submission 2 is up 1 rating to 6.  It has a 5 as well, 4 is still the most ratings.  There was also a 2.  What the…?!  Okay, this is purely based on opinion, not everyone is going to like it, no problem, but why.  When rating something, no matter what you give it, there are always some default reasons you can checkbox to provide feedback.  That’s the point of the system.   There are some default feedback selects, so it takes little to no effort.  If you want to say something else, you are provided a small field to give feedback.  The drive-by rater left a 2, but no feedback, not even the default “Don’t like the idea.”  A 3-year-old can get away with “I don’t like it.”  But an adult?  I don’t care if you don’t like it, tell me why!  Every submission I rate, I provide feedback.  It sometimes takes me longer to do that than read the story.

Submission 3 is up by 1 to 3.  It garnered it’s first 3.

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