My WEbook submission is off to a good start

My first submission to WEbook has garnered 1 rating of 4 and 5 rating at 3.  4’s and 5’s are the most desirable.  At least no one gave me a 2 or a 1.  My second submission, after one rater left a comment, changed a bit in focus.  and so far has garnered 1 rating of 3 (by the same person), 2 at 4 and 1 at 5.  It still has some errors, and a missing word or two, but I’m not going to complain.  My third submission just garnered its first rating, a 4.  Woo hoo!  A good start.  I feel it is definitely the strongest so far.  With the help of a friend through WEbook (he’s rated over 2700 submissions), I took his suggestions seriously and worked them in.  Not everyone of them, but it helped reduce/eliminate clumsy wording.  Unfortunately, the rating system is slow going, but it’s for 5 weeks.


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